Head Problem

Hey, I’m 15 years old, 6’ 175 lbs, about to be on my high school JV team. I throw a fastball around the low 80s, a circle-change, a cut fastball, and I’m deciding between a slider or curveball for a breaking pitch. My biggest problem, though, is that when I release the ball I throw my head off to my glove side and I can’t see a)where my pitch ended up and b) if and where the ball is hit. Most of the time it’s just with my fastball, but when I try not to turn my head I throw all arm, no leg power. Any suggestions on how to fix this? :?: :?:

try to take your head down when you throw, not to the side. when you view the pitch enering the hitting zone, watch it with your head lower than your waist. your back should be flat enough at finish to place a cup of water on it without spilling.

Tough to say wihtout seeing you, but just for fun, try dropping your arm slot to low 3/4 or even sidearm and see if you can control your head any better.



I agree with Orygun - try throwing sidearm and see what happens.

BTW, that breaking pitch is gonna’ be easier to hang if you tilt the head and shoulders to the side. So you really want to fix this.

don’t throw slider till 17-18