Head Movement

I have a 10 year old son I have been working with. He has great form until he starts the motion of throwing. He pulls his head to the left as he throws instead ot keeping it in line moving to toward the plate. (He is right handed) Any dtills to help him learn to keep his head up and still during the throw.

I have been helping my high school coach in camps and some of the kids in there have had the same problems. They are stuborn to they won’t listen to you. So what I did the next day is I brought in my video camera and I told them to throw and I video taped them and then sat them down and showed them. I don’t think there is any kind of drills to help with this but video tape them show your son what he’s doin visualization is one of the best tools. As a player its hard correct what your doin wrong until you see it. And at a young age your gunna get the same responce. I am not! I am keeping my eyes on the target. Video tape him and then show him.

My son’s coach tells him to take his nose to the glove. Where the nose goes, the ball will follow.

At first I had my reservations about this technique until I saw it begin to work.


My mantra for my 10:U’s is “Nose over Toes”. Just yesterday, one of my pitchers (o.k. it was my son) was doing the same thing with his head. I continued to remind him to no avail. If I had my video camera (which I highly recommend…nothing better than seeing it for themselves) I would have showed him how his head was falling off to 1b (he’s a righty). Without a camera, I simply stood next to where his landing spot on the 1b side while he pitched and…wham-o…his head hit me right in the gut! I wasn’t even standing that close so he really moved his head. While it was a good example and the point was dramatically made, my stomach (and his head) couldn’t take much more so I moved him over along a fence and had him pitch. Using the fence as a guide really does the job and keeps him from moving his head (or falling off the mound).

Hey guys,

I’m a high school senior who is having the same problem. Basically, my frozen ropes instructors (work out place) are telling me that some of my pitches are thrown with my head moving way to the left side. They videotaped it and I saw it, but I’m not really sure how to fix it. It seems like I’ve been doing this my whole life (not every pitch, but a lot) and it’s hard to fix. Because of this problem, my hips aren’t turning as much as they should be. Any other advice?

could be that you are leaking to the plate or your backside is going too soon. are you leaving the ball up? do you take your stride foot straight down before out when seperating hands? this helps in timing and keeping everything in sequence - making sure you are getting glove/ ball seperation on time. are you still centered when stride foot lands? theres several drills but you’d have to know whats causing the problem. the head is just a sympton probably and not the cause

Well they did say that my body was ahead of my arm and that I was “leaking to the plate.” I’m not giving myself enough time to get my arm in the slot where it needs to be…

Right now I have a sorta high leg kick and my glove/hands are right above my leg, with my leg bent in a little bit toward my body. I’m not really in sync after that…I bring my leg down and then my arms come down, out and up while my stride leg extends out. I’m not sure I’m going directly down with my stride leg, though. Is that what you’re suggesting? When I bring my stride leg down I need to bring my hands with my leg and then separate at the waist area correct? That kind of reminds me of Livan Hernandez.

See and then once I separate my body goes too fast for my arm to keep up and I can’t get good hip rotation. Like I said, this is not everytime, though. But I would like to get it right so my head can stay still. I saw there was a thing where someone said put ur nose to your glove or ball or something…I’m not sure.