help with anything

Youve already posted videos of you throwing, so either your mechanics have changed in a day or you’re just looking for people to tell you youre good.

edit: isn’t this the same video too?

i believe you think your badass…okay you might be good…but your no stud

You need food.

You tip off your breaking pitches…you pull your glove tight into your body with your fastball but let your glove hand drop when throwing your breaking ball.

I think he is right. I can really see a difference between the pitches. Hard to see in the video but definitely worth taking a look at.

Let’s take this thread to the pissing contest thread. It seems headed there anyway.

I agree with Hammer. Keep it pitching, not personal. K, dudes?

I think it looks like a pretty short stride but that maybe because it looks like there is another mound right in front of you.

stay closed longer and extend out farther. when you finish out front and feel your weight shift forward and not pulling off to the side you’ll see your fastball get to your target faster.