Hayato Terahara

this guy can bring it.

Looks just like dice-k

they are alike. but all japanese pitchers have the little puase.

how about how ridiculous that curveball is. Makes that fastball even better.

How bout how ridiculous that strike zone is? Geez, must be nice to get 6 inches off the plate, and pitches below the knees, and the high curveball. Looked like high school again.

thats what i said. its crazy!!! :shock:

yeah i noticed that while watching the youtube clips of yu darvish. must be nice

But… does he have any other pitches then the curveball and the fastball?
Cause… the fact that japanese hitters aren’t doing a great job doesn’t say this pitcher will also throw like hell in the MLB.
Compared to an MLB-pitcher he looks kinda ordinary right?
90+ fastball and a curveball…
The only benefit he has is the great variation in speed between those two pitches