Having trouble pronating


Hey guys, I am new to this board. I AMA 15 year old rhp, I have a 4 seam, 2 seam, circle change, and a 12-6. I have recently noticed that my 2 seam and change up are not doing what I want them to. My two seam is not breaking down and towards my throwing hand, and my change up is not dropping as much. I have located the problem through looking at videos of myself pitching, and I realized I am not pronating. When I try to focus on pronating when practicing, the pitches are slower, more dull, and wild. Is this just because I am trying something different (pronating)? Or is there a further problem?


Post video for the best response to your problem.


The more you pronate the slower the pitch will be because you’re using more of the force applied to the ball to spin it as opposed to accelerating it.


Pronate—supinate—stick it in the microwave for a minute—don’t even think about it. Instead, try throwing the knuckle-curve the way I used to do it: with a sharp karate-chop wrist-snap. That pitch comes in there looking for all the world like a fastball and then suddenly drops like a glass hitting the floor and shattering into little bits and pieces. I threw it sidearm. You can throw it sidearm or 3/4 delivery, and that much-desired pronation will happen just like that. No problem—except for the batters trying to hit it.