Having trouble finding the right pitching motion for myself

during every bullpen, I find myself going through a different pitching motion because i’m having trouble finding one that’s comfortable for me

how would i go about trying to prevent this and finding a comfortable pitching motion for myself?

(note: by different pitching motion i’m talking about the windup rather than the basic fundamentals.)

I’ve always found the simpler - the better. The less movement at the beginning makes for a more repeatable delivery.

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what is it about your current delivery that is uncomfortable? if you figure that out, then you can modify that portion. I remember I used to bring both of my hands over my head as I stepped back when I was 10 years old. By the time I was 13, that was no longer comfortable because my glove passing in front of my face was upsetting my focus on the mitt. I was uncomfortable, so I brought my hands to my chest as I stepped back, and I could be laser focused on the mitt. Later on, I changed to something else. Find out what is uncomfortable and go from there.

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i don’t know why but whenever i do my leg kick, my right leg just feels stiff

are you right handed or left handed?
I will assume for a moment that you are right handed, since a majority are.

Maybe you are too upright in your leg lift and it feels like you are locking out your right knee.

It seems like I’ve been suggesting a lot of wall drill lately, but perhaps that will help you.
Also, try keeping your weight over the inside of your right foot as you start your leg lift, as that may help you keep some flex in that leg.

Hard to really help without seeing it–or knowing if you are RH or LH.

i have a slo mo of myself going through my motion at home
do you want me to send that to you so that you can help me diagnose my problems better?

if you would like to, that’s OK. Are you RH or LH?

im rh and ill send you a slo mo after my game

I made a new post regarding my mechanics