Having hard work carry over to on-field successes

Hey all… Today was a great day for me on the mound. Because of rainouts it’s been 3 weeks since I took the ball last in a game that counts. Maintaining focus, keeping up with workouts, throwing sessions, bullpens, etc has again delivered results. Thought I’d copy & paste what this season looks like for me so far.

1 1 1 8 4 3 0 1 11 0.63 0 0.00 0 1 0
1 1 1 7 5 1 0 3 4 1.14 0 0.00 1 0 0 ___________________________________________________
2 2 2 15 9 4 0 4 15 0.87 0 0.00 1 1 0

To clarify, my 1st start (5/1) I was on the losing end of a pitcher who was even better than me that day. He had a no-no thru 8.1 and finished with 2 hits, 1ER, 2BB and 24K’s. Was a tough L to swallow but I was proud of my debut. Today, I pitched the 2nd game in a DH (thus the 7 innings) This happen to be against the defending champions (who also have taken down the title 3 of the last 4 seasons)

I wanted to share this with my extended baseball family here, and to reinforce to everyone who is committed to working hard… and watching it translate to on the field results.

Best in baseball,


I couldn’t have expressed it any better myself!
When you work at something, you get better at it all the time, and when you take it out onto the playing field it shows. Good for you, and keep it up. 8) :baseballpitcher:

appreciate that…thought I’d share the link to our league sports page…

FYI - I pitch for the Bronx Patriots (21+) and my name is Mike Tierney

Mike, that brings back memories for me! For more than twenty years—this was way back when—I pitched for a team in New York City that might well have been called semipro if everyone had gotten paid. There were six teams in our league (18+), and the team I was on was called the Screwballs—named for a pitch that none of us threw. I was the only girl on the team, and the guys didn’t mind one bit because I was getting the batters out with my arsenal of pitches. I was one of those exasperating, infuriating sidearmers who used the crossfire extensively and who had built my repertoire around a killer slider and a very good knuckle-curve, and one thing that used to get all of us cracking up was seeing what happened to the opposing batters who tried to get a piece of one or the other of those two pitches: they would swing and miss for strike three and lose their balance and fall over on their tushes with their arms and legs up in the air like so many overturned bugs!
We played major league rules all the way, and it was great fun. Unfortunately, I had to stop when I was in my mid-30s when my work schedule caught up with me—but I have all those great memories. I’m glad to see that you’re having the same thing, and I wish you and your teammates all the best. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

thought I’d keep everyone posted. Here’s the most recent sports page, highlighting my current streak of 15 consecutive innings w/o allowing an earned run. 2 starts into the season, and 2 CG’s.

Best in baseball to everyone!!

Hello again everybody… Sunday = baseball, so I thought I’d take a moment and update everyone on how things continue to progress this young season.

I pitched against the Rays today, and the results continue to reinforce that hard work, discipline and attention to detail will ultimately produce results on the diamond.

My line today read: 7IP 3H 0R 0ER 3BB 5K (was the nightcap in a doubleheader so that explains the 7 inning CG. All 3 hits were singles, 1 in the 1st, 1 in the 2nd, 1 in the 7th)

My line for this young season so far:

22IP 12H 4R 0ER 7BB 20K 0.86 WHIP 0.00 ERA 2W 1L

When it’s available a little later this week, I’ll cut & copy the link to the league’s web / sports page.

I hope everybody had an equally enjoyable baseball filled weekend!!

The sports page has been posted for all games played June 5, 2011. I wanted to keep you guys up to speed on how my season has been coming along.

Backed by some great D, I/we cruised to a 5-0 W. That brings my consecutive inning w/o allowing an earned run streak to 22.

Good Luck to everyone playing ball this weekend!!

Hey everybody, another Sunday in the books. For all those who are fathers out there, hope you enjoyed a fantastic Father’s Day filled with baseball and family! I wanted to paste an excerpt from my coaches’ summary which he emailed to us earlier today :


Big victory today against a game seasoned opponent. These guys were in the finals last year, their record is no indication of the skill and talent level they possess.
Once again the top rated Mike Tierney show was the story as his 7 innings without allowing an earned run extend his streak to 29. His ERA matches my hit total this season: NONE.

Other than 3 errors in the 3rd inning which allowed an unearned run to cross, we collectively played good baseball and won today 5-1. I guess I just wanted to say how humbled I’ve been by the successes I’ve realized thus far on my new team. I worked my BUTT off this off-season and continue to bust it in the gym every training day. I REALLY HAVE ADOPTED THE MANTRA ON MY TUFF-CUFF BRACELET, WHICH I WEAR 100% OF THE TIME. GET TOUGH, NO EXCUSES.

The following is my 2011 summer baseball stats :

1 1 1 8 4 3 0 1 11 0.63 0 0 0.00 0 1 0
1 1 1 7 5 1 0 3 4 1.14 0 0 0.00 1 0 0
1 1 1 7 3 0 0 3 5 0.86 0 1 0.00 1 0 0
1 1 0 7 3 1 0 4 4 1.00 0 0 0.00 1 0 0

4 4 3 29 15 5 0 11 24 0.90 0 1 0.00 3 1 0

I hope that all of you push through tough times & challenges knowing that preparation & hard work are the keys to succeeding, on the baseball diamond and in life. Continued success to all of you!

Best in baseball,


Only had a minute to quickly peek in @ a few of the threads, but wanted to say that this Sunday my consecutive innings streak w/o allowing an earned run ended @ 31.2 To boot, I picked up my 2nd L.

I’ll post my game and new season stats when I have a few moments.