Having Good Posture

My coach always tells me to have good posture when I pitch.

I was wondering was this meant and what effect your posture has on you pitching.

In general, it means to not lean your torso too much in any direction; you pretty much want your torso to be vertical.

The advantage of doing this is that it helps the torso rotate the most efficiently (among other things).

Just remember that, in pitching, absolutes aren’t absolute. I can give you example after example of very successful major league pitchers who lean to their glove side in order to get a higher arm slot. Actually, I’d go as far as saying that the vast majority of MLB pitchers lean to that side. If they didn’t, arm slots would ALL be very low, which of course isn’t the case.

Absolutes aren’t.

Posture is a relationship between your hips and shoulders. You need to find a posture that you are comfortable with and that you can maintain through your delivery as this will allow you to maintain balance through your delivery. It starts with the head - keep the head upright and take it only to the target. The shoulders should then fall in line.

Speaking of posture here is a good photo of my son when he was 11 years old. This was when he first started to put it all together. (Used an outfielders glove at the time but good mechanics for his age nonetheless)

Posture was good and he had a very good tilt going, not the tallest kid as well. Taken 2 years ago.