Have you used this glove?

Has anyone used a Heart of the Hide outfield glove before? If you have tell me what you thought of it easy to break in? good mold techniques anything?
or this glove http://www.baseballexp.com/Baseball-Gloves/12--12-34-Gloves/Rawlings-Gold-Glove-Trap-12-34-Baseball-Glove/baseball/lev/6/productId/1196/N/36+1100012+33/pCategoryId/2/parentCatId/26/Ns/CATEGORY_SEQ_26|0/index.pro


The Gold Glove is a good series. They come pretty stiff out of the box. Here’s a good video on breaking it in.

And here is the kit


My A2000 first base mitt was stiff, I put shaving cream on it and started bending it every way and then once it was a little less stiff, put a ball in it and tied it up and slept on it for a day. I would repeat the process until I could play catch. Oh, and beat the palm with a ball if u don’t get the kit.