Have YOU made a difference

Baseball is more than just a game. We all know that. So, how much more?

Does this game make you a better person? Do your actions on the field show an unselfish desire to help a larger effort? Have you ever, let a plus for yourself go by for the good of the team, a teammate, a coach?

Velocity, strikes and balls, pick-off moves and the like, mean absolutely nothing if your not a stand-up guy/gal.

THIS is what seperates us from the pack. We’re a strange lot - but, we use this game to better us, along the way, and with any luck, that plus becomes part of who we are.

Coach B.

I had one of the most terrific experiences today…
I ran into this kid…he was on our State Championship 12 and under squad from 2002…the kid had a wonderful heart and was a team favorite, youngest boy on the team…he had his front tooth knocked out catching pop-ups in practice for our state run. We were shooting pop-ups out of the pitching machine and he took one full on the mouth, broke one and knocked the other clear out of his face…blood everywhere…one of the other coaches commented after practice (When the kid was gone to the hospital) that, “that would be the last we’d see Joey on this run”…as he was one of my kids from my team…I laughed and told him that this little kid had such a heart that my bet was he was already sweating his momma to bring him back to practice…I was right…This team had the nickname “The Comeback Kids”…they were behind in every single game except the State Championship final…and in the one game that “made” the difference…little Joey hit a slo-roller with 2 outs and us behind by one in the 7th…this kid just willed himself to beat out the play…and when he slid into home for the tie he just layed there crying with joy…I’ll never forget it…so anyway the years roll by…you lose touch…I ran into Joey just this afternoon…haven’t seen him in 5 years easy, he came up gave me a hug, shook my hand and told me how he couldn’t wait to follow in my footsteps…that he just couldn’t wait to give back what he’d been given, that he was inspired by those who had showed him kindness and patience and love…he shook my hand again…gave me another hug and I’m here to tell you I was humbled and shed more than one tear…did I do good? idk…I just love this game, this art…


That’s what it’s all about, man. Great story and you’re a good man. That kid probably still talks about you, losing the tooth, and scoring that run.


The sacrifice and effort is where it is, it doesn’t need ot be a sacrifice of a tooth but it could be a sacrifice of some of your time, genuinely nice comment or a slap on the back that makes all the difference.