Have ya'll tryed

Hey ya’ll I know this it’s a pitching forum. but hey who has tryed the (Demarini Voodoo) bat? I bought mine just a week ago and I’m hitting the balls way farther I’d say about 20 feet more than my other bat. Who has tryed the (Easton Stealth).

The voodoo felt awkward in my hands an i did not like it whatsover. I really hated the stealth because i found that it is too whippey and that i couldent get bat around. A bat that i really like is the Loiseville duece and the warrior thes felt really good. Hope I could help

Ehh, I prefer the connexion(connection) bats from easton; they feel much more comfortable in my hands, and I like the pop it gives. But, on the other hand, voodoo isn’t bad either, a little over priced, although, doesn’t do much for the hitter if they can’t hit, but hey, you can say that about any bat. I’m not a big fan of the stealth because it seems like an overpriced connexion bat. I noticed about the same pop, although I’ll admit, my teamates love the stealth. I, on the other hand, noticed no significant difference between the two, and feel as if the connexion bat has a better feel to it.

I have not tried the voodoo but absolutely love my stealth.

I am cucrious about something regaurding the stealth though, my friend got one the day they game out (preordered also it was 06 model) so he would have had the original production run. His bat you can flex under your arm, and if you put against a wall and put weight on it you can bend the thing easily.

Now mine (yes they’re the same model) was purchased in september and mine can be barely felt if tried to bend under the arm.

While his still has some rediculous pop, the ball jumps off mine much better. Also his does flex to much so that he goes oppo when he would be going up the middle with a one piece bat.
For me the flex doesn’t seem to have that great of affect on where the ball goes, although I can infact feel the bend/give .

My preferences
Easton: Love the stealth, connexion feel great if not almost as good
LS: had a Gen1x and it was incredible but haven’t wanted LS since. Demarini:Generally to endloaded for my preference, and while the ball seems to pop it doesn’t seem to carry as well as other bats.
Nike: Really impressed with they’re new line, tons of pop, don’t know about the life though
Rawlings: LiquidMetal 2 seems pretty good, but the life is definately questionable.

I know you guys are excited about the new bat models, but remember to strickly train in the off-season with wood. You’ll see a real difference when you switch back.


You can really seperate good mechanics from bad with wood.

The sweet spot is around 1/4 of the sweet spot on metal.

Watch any college team practice and they’ll all be swinging wood.

If you guys are hitting indoors now, try doing your soft toss and tee work with a wood fungo for a week. See if you notice a difference in your bat speed after using the lighter bat. We are currently working on these principles indoors and players are noticing a difference.

Take Care

we use wood during winter. we also do alot of top hand and bottom hand drills with small bats. we also use an attack bat which has been a good tool for us. another good thing for changeups/breaking balls is hitting badminton birdies with a thunderstick.

I play in a wood bat league and was wondering what you guys think is the best type of wood bat considering pop and weight?

Well, brandwise I don’t have a huge preference, the big thing is maple or ash.

Maple is a harder wood but will frigin shatter in your hands and dangerous stuff like that.
Ash is softer but breaks more often (although much safer with the barrel just breaking off the handle).

Personally I think ash feels better, maple stings your hands so bad in the wrong spot.

Hope that helps

our league is also wood but we are able to use baum bats and composite which have much longer life and less sting. If u are allowed i would use those

Dirtboy do you play in the bcpbl?,and if you do when are your team training camps and exibition gamers because my coach has benn talking about me goin and trying out for that league

sorry this isn’t really about bats

I played high school ball last year, where metals were allowed, but we used composite bats for all of our non-league games, and they really made a differnce in our league hitting. We use LS composites, cant remember the model, but they are the black one and feel great.

Its all about TPX
last 4 or 5 national championship college teams have used tpx.