Have the Olympics lost their luster?

I seen this debate on PTI yesterday and I wanted to ask some peoples opinion on this. Do you think the Olympics have lost their appeal?

For me personally I do agree that they’ve turned it into mostly a figure skating contest but I still enjoy watching the Olympics. Maybe I’m part of the last generation that feels this way. I’m actually a little upset that I have to miss the opening ceremonies tomorrow because I’ll be traveling. How do you feel?

I absolutely love the Olympics. I don’t feel they’ve lost any luster whatsoever. I was fortunate enough to spend a summer playing in Vancouver, and let me tell you, it’s gorgeous. Easily the best city I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to almost all in North America.

I’m pretty upset about the Olympics dropping baseball from the summer games for 2 reasons.

  1. Baseball is a great sport enjoyed by virtually every culture.

  2. I’ve been asked to play on the Greek National team. The one that Nick Markakis was on in 2004 during the athens games.

[quote=“UndersizedRHP”]I’m pretty upset about the Olympics dropping baseball from the summer games for 2 reasons.

  1. Baseball is a great sport enjoyed by virtually every culture.

  2. I’ve been asked to play on the Greek National team. The one that Nick Markakis was on in 2004 during the athens games.[/quote]

I agree with you I was disappointed when I learned about this. I liked baseball in the Olympics because it gave amateur baseball players a great opportunity to show their skills to the world.

Have you decided if you’re going to play on the Greek National team yet?

Yeah the only reason they dropped baseball from the 2012 olympics is that they are being held in England and they don’t play baseball in the UK I guess, they wanted the boring game of cricket to sneak it’s way in.

It’s bull that baseball is gone. Undrsized, what is your name? Why didn’t you play for the Greek national team?

NBC has a lack of respect for the Olympians and their families, I can’t believe the aired the video of the Georgian luger’s death after his father already said he didn’t want to see it and did not want anyone else to see it.

The images of people trying to revive him are scarier… I conclude he was dead before he hit the ground.

well they’re over now. What did you guys think about this years Olympic games?

The Olympic games have an impact in human events that is very positive. This event and the happenings that surround it support a host of exchanges between cultures and people that can be found no where else on the planet. National pride, individual accomplishments, memories that live forever that are passed on to children, grandchildren, great grandchildren. In fact, entire communities back home can transform themselves into the center of gravity in a micro second with a breaking of a finishing line tape, crossing a pole marker, or a dive off a three (3) meter board, and home town heroes, legends, men and women that become bigger than life - all at the click of a stop watch and the flash of the camera.

And along with people being people, there are the distractions - like the politics of the two Koreas not wanting to be any where near each other and a Mid East Nation not wanting to be any where near the Israelis, and so on. And then there’s the media pushing the envelope on the human tragedy at the very start of the event. But, would we expect any different , well yes and no. Yes, due to the ideals of the Olympic spirt, but no due to people being people. All in all we shouldn’t be surprised that what happens in evey day life, from sun up to sun set, wouldn’t carry over here.

The prime purpose of the Olympics is promotion. Promotion is king. Promotions for attracting the next city, promotion for selling the next city, promotions for financiing the next city, promotions for the sales of anything and everything before and after the host city. We’re not talking millions here, nor are we talking billions. No, we’re talking trillions upon trillions of dollars, yen, pound sterling, lira, dinar, euro, and on it goes. In short, it’s a money maker, pure and simple. It’s a economic engine that drives a very importanr part of the human experience - dynamic industry.

So, what we see once every four (4) years, is in reality, an on going process of barter and trade, huge sums of currency exchanging daily, and the people that shape this world of ours - for you and me both, doing their thing.

You will not find a more exclusive club of financiers, power players, exceptional national and international cooperation, then with the Olympic games. Think of the talent that is all brought to one place - no make that many places. That talent being . architects , engineers of all kinds, iron workers, masons, heavy equipment operators, dietary specialists, medical specialists, infrastructure desginers, hotel and motel administration, international police cooperation, supply and distribution logistics, to name just a few. Talk about a nightmare of planning and coordination! And all for the right reasons … sprited competition, respect and observance of protocols, just a sprinkle of politics and gossip. and a rollercoaster of emotions.

The Olympic Games are, in reality, the games of the human experience, with all its pluses and minuses. So,have they lost their luster? Depends on which of the human experiences you’re talking about.

Coach B.

I know what you’re saying, but I’m still a huge fan of the Olympics. Especially the speed skating, cross croutry skiing, downhill skiing, etc. I don’t care for the skating and snowboarding, though, because the judging is so subjective. Give me a race where the best time wins, and I’ll a fan!!

Agreed Steven. If anybody watched the Olympic games in Vancouver you must be impressed. No luster lost there.

I thought the Canadians were very classy in the way they rescued the 4th column of the cauldron. Good to laugh at yourelf now and then and still keep your head up.

I’ll bet there were some nervous technicians and officials in the moments before that column started to rise though.