Have pitchers become more fragile?

Interesting analysis:

And, actually, it relates to this Lets Talk Pitching.com post:

Maby if pitchers trained harder they’d be able to go farther in the game? It’s hard because we have releivers to go in when the starting pitcher starts to struggle. But whos to say if the pitcher lets up 4 runs that inning that he couldn’t turn himself around and shut them down for the rest of the game, but instead putting a releiver in that may do good but may do not.

I just think it has to do with current trends of managers. Managers want to put in a releiver when a starter isn’t doing too good. It’s the managers choice not the pitchers. It’s hard to say, once a pitcher does bad the manager pulls him right away. I’d say that this also hurts the pitchers mental game too. Once a starter lets up a few runs they say oh well I’m done bring in the releiver. So when a manager does leave him in when the bullpen is tired he gets hammered becuase he thinks he should come out. I think it’s just the overall trend of baseball not the pitchers being pansies.

Totally agreed.