Have any goal setting tips for baseball pitchers?

What goal setting strategies have you used to help pitchers be successful?

I remember one thing Ed Lopat told me once, which I have never forgotten: “Trust your stuff.”

Make everything a challenge and never give up. If it was achieved easily, you didn’t push yourself. Remember, the wind blows strongest the closer you get to the top of the mountain.

Make very specific, very small goals. Large, vague goals like “pitch more aggressively next game” or “improve my curveball” are hard to measure and complete. In your next bullpen for instance, set a goal to throw 7/10 curveballs for strikes. Or in your next game, set a goal to go 0-1 on 80% of the hitters you face. Something measurable and attainable. Little goals add up to big goals.


Time bound

Make sure it’s a SMART goal.