Has your season started yet?

If so, how are early practices/games going? What are you working on in the early part of this season?

word… well we’re having conditioning and pitchers and catchers this week, so im at that. Im tryin 2 work on actually being healthy for one year, i got the best work ethic and always stay after practice 2 do better, its just that the itis is holdin me back… any help?

well we are actually nearing the end of our season. JV tends to have a pretty short season here. Only 2 1/2 weeks left. But it’s alright; I’m very eager to be able to train hard again and get some real work done so im ready for varsity, and the all-important Junior year. :smiley:

50 pitches -

1 & 1/3 inning - victim of 3 errors.

1st inning 1 groundout - 2 strikeouts, 1 walk - 0 runs
next inning 0 strikeouts, 0 walks, 1 pickoff, 1 hit - victim of 3 errors (2 popflys & 1 groundball).

Other pitchers did the same - throwing strikes and having the ball put in play, with our fielders not making the play. As a team we had 8 or 9 errors in a 7 inning game.

Walks & Errors will kill you everytime. We lost big - but the pitchers allowed the ball to be put in play - but our fielders didn’t field the ball cleanly. I probably threw 10-15 “extra” pitches in the second inning because of the errors.

Our tryouts end this week, New York. Varsity is going down to myrtle becah to play at least 4 games against other New York teams, to start off the season. It should be a good trip, 4 games before any other school we play is pretty good. Also there is still snow here so we’re in the gym right now. It’ll be nice to get down south.

Varsity started this past monday and are already 0-3
JV(me) start next Tuesday.
I’ve learn the curveball which is my awesome K pitch for me.

im not started up yet but have been throwing sessions for a little bit before my season starts up and am looking better than the end of last year :smiley:

For me, practice started two sundays ago. We had 3 intotal so far. Our first game will be sometime next week. I’m pretty excited!

We got our 13th game tomorrow. Start up league on wednesday!! wooo

12 U – AAA level --7 IP – 0 BB – 11k --2H – 2R—kid has had 1 BB in last 17 IP at this level. Batting .833. Should I even pitch this kid, or try to keep him in one piece til he’s older???

Our varsity is 1-1, I’m 1-3 at the plate, and 3-5 getting on base so far.

In the first JV game I pitched and had 9 Ks in 4 innings.

we’re 6-2 we lost our first two but we’re on a 6 game win streak. obviously. i’m 3-0 with a no decision and a save. we havnt faced much competition yet though

Were 5-5-1 I’ve only gotten into 2 games and have one inning pitched total and even then its only been in games that we’re getting killed in and the pitcher got into a jam and coach wants someone to get us out of it (witch I have both times with out any more runs scoring) its pretty frustrating being on the bench all game every game :mad: