Has anyone went to Ron Wolforth's camp?

I just went to Wolfroth’s website and there are some boot camps for pitchers set in Houston, Texas. I’m really curious about it and he has connection with Nyman too. Here’s a website:

Has anyone went there? How was it?

Business must not be too good. When I go to that link, I get:

[size=18]This site has exceeded the allotted bandwidth.[/size]

its hard to imagine how a site like his would exceed the bandwidth honestly, looks like a godaddy hosting account as well…they allow quite a bit of bandwidth, and it sure isn’t expensive lol.

[quote=“Roger”]Business must not be too good. When I go to that link, I get:

[size=18]This site has exceeded the allotted bandwidth.[/size][/quote]

I was under the impression that exceeding the bandwidth is a function of the amount of traffic the site gets, which would mean that the site is getting too many hits, and I would therefore assume it is doing good business rather than bad…


My son works with a coach who has gone to Wolforth’s coaches seminars, and his coach is a believer. He has also met House and likes him too :lol:

I guess whatever fits into your own philosophy has the best chance of being accepted by you.

That said, I also know of a dad who’s kid goes to Wolforth’s camp at least once a year (he’s 16 now) for the last 3 or 4 years. That’s travel from the Evergreen State of Washington, to Texas, for pitching lessons. I’m thinking there might just be something to it.

Looks like he teaches the way I would advise a pitcher to approach his art, comprehensively. If you aren’t in Huston it looks like a bit of an investment. I have spent this and more in camps and clinics…but I don’t drop $500 in a whack. We are talking about what is considered to be top advise and instruction, House wasn’t that expensive, but the format for his clinic was slightly different (Weekend vs 3 days) I think that if a kid has the potential and would benefit from developing and you can afford it…why the heck not? We were going to attend Houses seminar in Boling Green Ky. last year but my son tweaked his back and we had to change plans.