Has anyboby herd about this before?

My son is 14 6’1 215 he has been pitching since he was 9. I know what you think but he has always thrown with no soreness or pain until lately. He has had an mri and xrays done on both his shoulder and his elbow. Everything has been clear to date. Problem is when he throws and allows his arm to fully extend on follow through he has a pain on the inside bone of his elbow. He has no pain on a short arm throw while controling arm extension. He took 2 months off but the pain is still present. I think that It could be a growth plate issue. We are still waiting to see the specialist but that has 2 weeks to go. Any body ever experiance this???


Did they take x-rays of both arms to compare them? That’s the way they diagnose growth plate injuries. Comparing the good arm’s x-ray to the bad arm’s x-ray and measuring the width of the growth plates allows them to identify growth plate separations (also known as Salter-Harris fractures, I believe).

If your son has a growth plate injury, he will need to be shut down for a minimum of 6-8 weeks, most likely.