Happy canada day!

Hey, all you fellow Canucks out there. Happy Canada Day to you all. :dazzler: :clap: :band: :ole:

Thank you. I will enjoy my fireworks tonight. This day sucks though, they cancelled baseball :frowning:

Well all right! you guys have another excuse to have a brewski…as if one was needed. (If you are of age and make the choice if not have fun with the fireworks…dodging mooses…those disgusting furry critters you’re all the time running over…). 8)

woot :goteam:

Those two years aren’t stopping me. And it’s moose.

And we dont run over moose. They pretty much run over us. You don’t understand untill one runs down your street while you’re playing road hockey while “sick” from school.

have a gay canada day

Those two years aren’t stopping me. And it’s moose.[/quote]…or is it “meese”? :lol:

I don’t ever want to run into one. All that body weight sitting way up high on those sticks people call legs. Just high enough so you take the legs out and get the body right in the windshield!!

Anyway, I’m definitely old enough for a little :drunkard: Happy Canada day!! Again.

Not much is known to take those pupies out and come out as the winner.

Mmmmmm… Moosehead!

And Molson Golden.
And LaBatt Blue.

Happy Canada Day, eh!