Hands and hitting

Now I think I bat weird, I keep my hands seperated on the bat, long stance at first and I move the bat around cause I get real jumpy at the bat and I want to swing so I move the bat around. I use to move my legs a lot which only really hurt my batting so I started to move the bat a little and it kept me from moving my body. I also have my weight very centered. Then as the pitcher is getting set I stand up higher, I stop moving the bat around, and my weight shifts a little to my back leg (not that much). My hands are also lowered (before they were at my ear and now slightly above the letters) And then I swing and I usually can kill the ball. I hit hard base hits, doubles, and triples. Not very many homeruns cause I don’t try to hit homeruns

Anyway there was this guy there and he was teaching his son to bat and used me while I was in the cage as an example to bat and he asked if I played college ball and I’m a junior in high school (5’6" 145lbs or something like that. thats not exactly the height and weight of a college player when I try to imagine one) I thought that was pretty cool getting a compliment (he said my mechanics were “great” but I don’t think so) but anyway the real question I wanted to ask was who bats with their hands seperated?

I’m trying to get pitching and batting clips to post here so I could get them looked at. Any advice for better batting mechan

It’s uniform to have your hands together. I think either Gehrig or Dimaggio (can’t remember) had their hands slightly separated though…

[quote=“Seffapotamus”]I think either Gehrig or Dimaggio (can’t remember) had their hands slightly separated though…[/quote]Ty Cobb did that.

It was DiMaggio, trust me, I know all things Yankees. Remember, he had a 56 game hitting streak doing that.

Maybe so. Cobb did it also.

you cant get the same type of bat speed with hands seperated.