Hand smells really bad

how come your hand smells so bad after wearing a well broken in baseball glove? sweat?

Why do shoes smell? Or your armpits? Your crotch?

Ok guilty as charged…saw the subject and had to check it out .


lol it does sound like that doesn’t it.

You have not smelt bad until you have worn a goalie glove for 2 hours and sweat off 8 pounds. Its the bacteria that live off the sweat on the leather that make the odor horrific!..ump…sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

I have not used any “tricks” for this, such as wearing a rubber glove on the glove hand or freezing the gear after each game.
That is about as bad as it can get.

Bacterial buildup in your glove from your hand sweating when you have your glove on. Clean the inside of your glove when you clean the outside, it wont smell anymore

I find the smell extremely pleasuring.

that smell is only ok when the glove is brand new, new leather smells effing great

I noticed just yesterday during practice… went to use my older glove after breaking my new glove and after i used it… My hand really stunk. But I couldnt believe how great that new glove felt compared to my older one. lol