Hand Seperation / Tempo

I’ve had some command issues in the past couple of my sides. I think I’ve figued the reasoning. Let me know if any of this makes sense.

The last few years of my career I’ve always been a guy that had a slow tempo. Minimal momentum to the plate. In discovering these “fresh” ideas, I’ve added much more momentum with my lower half. The timing of my hand seperation has stayed good, however I don’t think I have the tempo with my hands yet. They’ve always been kind of slow and methodical till foot strike. Now, with as much momentum as I’ve been getting, I almost have to move them as fast as I can to get them to equal and opposite positions. What does the npa think about hand tempo? It has to be fast right?

You can change (i.e. lower) your hand break position to shorten the path the hands take.

I don’t recall the NPA talking about “hand tempo”. They talk about adjusting the glove arm to mirror the throwing arm to achieve opposite and equal. But they say leave the throwing arm alone. Seems they let the throwing arm adjust on its own.

Hammer, check PM.