Hand Injury

In 8th grade I was playing football, fell and got both of my hands were steped on by other players. They weren’t really injured at the time, but the popped when I moved them for about a week after. Since then, it as just been popping any time I press my fingers too hard together. Will this eventually lead to problems with my hands? If so, how severe. They only hurt now if I do it several times in a row. The cracking sounds as if you were just cracking your knuckles. Advice? Should I worry about problems later on in my baseball career, or just forget about it?

Thanks for any help at all. I just want to know if there is anything I should do now to prevent anything from happening.

It may be possible that when your fingers were first stepped on the soft tissue in you hand was damaged. Ligaments and tendons that are injured can become lax, or have looseness in the joints. This can cause the joint to be prone to injury, and cause tendonitis and arthritis down the road.

I would recommend a muscle strengthening program for your hand and fingers. Simple exercises like squeezing a sponge ball or putting a towel on a table and gathering it in a ball with your fingers will help prevent future injury to your hand.

Also, I would try to avoid popping your fingers. This will continue to keep the joints lax.