Hand cramp/pain while hitting

I know this isn’t for pitching but just bare with me

A few weeks ago in a wood bat tournament i had an injury

I fouled a ball off and dipped my bat. While swinging i felt a sharp pain/ache in my left hand (i bat righty) and almost couldn’t grip the bat

It was still like a 2-2 count and was staying alive so he threw me another pitch and the same thing happened, i dipped and instead of fowling off to the right side, i popped out to first

The pain after it was horrible, i was in rf the next inning and could barely close my glove (i throw right as well)

Luckily it was the last inning and game of the day since the pitcher of the other team was throwing mid 80s and no one could touch him , so i could rest it until the next game

I tried to work through it, and kept going to practices and games with it still hurting, it was a waste of time though since in bp i was flaring balls softly to the right side (i hit righty) … and forget about guys throwing anything over 70

It basically felt like i couldn’t get the bat head out in time for the ball and my bat speed was basically gone

Me and my parents talked it out and i took a little week and a half break from baseball all together for the sake of my hand and my mind

A week later, it still cramps when i swing the bat and i don’t know what to do … my parents won’t take me to a doctor or physical therapist and i have a big tournament coming up this weekend, since we’re playing at URI, brown , Mitchell etc. (if your from New England you know what i mean lol)

I play 16u aau, about 6 ft 205 lbs

Please help

Sounds like you fractured your Hamate Bone…Usually requires surgery to remove the bone…

Usually happens on an akward swing/foul to guys who drop their pinkie finger on the knob while swinging…

PM me. I may be able to help you get thru your Tourney…

My email is juggernautmaniac529@gmail.com , thank you for answering , shoot me an email and we can talk and discuss … i got all day to talk about it it … thank you

Sending you some samples for free. Good Luck with your hand!

Thank you!