I was throwing a bullpen the other day, and five or six pitches into it i started to feel pain in my left hamstring (im right handed). I do some basic stretching before i thrown and it has never really been a problem but reciently I have been working on lenghtening my stride. I was wondering if there were any other stretches or anything else i could do to avoid pulling my hamstring with this new longer stride that I have. thanks

I have two suggestions…

First, you need to do a good warm-up before throwing - not stretching. The soft tissues are more resilient and immune to injury when they are warm. Stretching alone doesn’t do a good job of warming up the body.

Second, you might be trying to lengthen your stride the wrong way. If you are simply reach with the front leg, that is wrong. You need to get your momentum going while maintaining a good knee lift (either high or back or a combo of both).

However, after you’re done throwing is a good time to stretch and I would recommend stretching the hamstrings because after you release the ball your torso flexes forward and puts a stretch in the hammy of the stride leg.

Thanks for the reply. I do believe that i am trying to lenghten my stride the right way, and will hopefully have a video to post in the next few days to see if im right. I think your right that i need to warm up more before pitching. I also realized that I am just really not very flexable and have been working on trying to increase my flexability over the past week.

Any ideas to increase flexability and prevent injury?

Increasing flexibility normally means stretching. So, make sure you warm up well before doing that stretching.