Hammer's 1000th post!

I’d like to start off this wonderful day and thank Mr. Steven Ellis for developing such an outstanding web site. I’d also like to thank the several admins who have done a great job running and contributing to the experience. What a great forum, this thing is going to be huge!

Now let’s all discuss what they’ve thought of Hammer throughout his 1000 post adventure. Bring all the good and the bad. I’m craving the attention.

Congrats Hammer

At my YMCA if you put 1000 miles on the stationary bike in a year they give you a nice red hoody with “YMCA” on it.

I think a nice dark blue hoody with “LETSTALKPITCHING.COM” would make a nice advertisement. :idea:

Great idea Dino!

Whattaya say Steven?! How bout a hoody with Lets Talk Pitching on the front! I’ll sport it for ya!

OOOO I like it. By the way, keep on postin’, superstar :wink:

Welcome back Peavy!

Finally, eh? Well my computer crashed the first day I got up in VT, which means I was isolated from all help … eesh talk about bad timing.

… and he’s mad the Yankees didn’t trade for him. :smiley: Glad to be back, LTP.