Haha Just a Little Advice

Ok, I was pitching yesterday and i throw the most nasty most ridiuculas curveball i ever thrown. The kid swung like he was trying to smash a bug into the ground and his back foot after he swung was on the plate. That being said, he struck out and i laughed out loud and the other team head. I didnt mean to laugh but i couldnt help it. My next at bat i get beaned right in the ribs. I think everyone knew why the pitcher did it and i knew why too.

The other day I hit the opposing pitcher w/ a curveball. I have pretty good control and had only walked one person, so the other team somehow took it as an intentional hpb. The next time I got up a took a fastball to the upper arm.

I was mad, but I ended up scoring on a double. So hahaha.

lol that must have sucked. You know what also sucks, it happened to my friend yesterday. it was a 3-2 count and he gets hit… He said to the ump " why couldnt he just throw a ball" I was laughing.

Haha oh well. When I was pitching this kid kept doing stupid stuff after he got on base so I set out to peg him next time he got up. The thing was that we already had forfit because we didn’t have enough players. So they gave us one and we just played it out so it wasn’t serious anyways. Well first pitch almost hit him but the dummy swung at it and I kept trying to hit him but for some reason I just couldn’t do it. I figured a person is bigger than the location I know I can hit but its just werid to throw somewhere you never throw on purpose haha.

That reminds me of the first time I had occasion to throw my newly-acquired slider in a game. I had to come into the game in the seventh inning, bases loaded, one out, and our lead had been cut from 6-0 to 6-4… The first batter I had to face was a pinch-hitter I had never seen before, and I called my catcher out to the mound and told him to signal for the slider, nothing else. I got the batter on three of them, the third being a crossfire, and he just stood there and went “duh” with the stupidest expression on his face. The next batter was the other team’s leadoff man who would go after the first pitch no matter where it was, so I knew I’d have to handle him differently. I gave him a curveball which he fouled off, then a knuckle-curve which he swung at and missed by a mile, then I wasted a pitch just to see what he would do. Nothing. I had a hunch he was sitting on a fast ball, and I said to myself “Not from me he isn’t going to get one because I don’t have it.” Then I came in with that crossfire slider…
He swung so hard he lost his balance and fell over on his tush with his arms and legs in the air like some overturned bug, strike three, and I couldn’t help laughing, and my teammates got caught up in it and cracked up as well. Side retired, and we were out of the jam.
When I mentioned this to my pitching coach (Ed Lopat) the joke was born, and whenever we talked about my strikeouts “The Bug” entered the picture. No, I never hit anybody with a pitch; I just made them look silly as all get-out with the snake-jazz I threw. :lol: :baseballpitcher:

Something like this has happened to me before. I was playing 2nd base and went to tag a kid out stealing but the throw was a little high and i had to reach to get it and then put on the tag. Well i happened to smack him right in the face when i tagged him (on accident though). the kid runnin was their pitcher and the next time up i got beaned on the first pitch.