HA! a new rule?!

k something happened in a game today and ill explain it to you and let me know what you think. Start by giving you the feeling of this horrible call(if it was one). Bats went cold and we were trailing 4 runs in bottom 8, 2 outs and bases loaded. fair ball hit down left field line scores all 3 base runners so were tieing run at 2nd. our catcher hits line shot to right the run scores but when they went to try and get him at the plate(which they had no chance) the ball hit the bat that the hitter threw down when he hit the ball. umpire calls out the batter and run doesnt score. we ended up comin back and winning the bottom 9 but im wondering what you guys think. When we asked where that rule came from he said “from me i made it up” didnt ask the second ump or anything. at the most were thinkin the runners dont get to advance but batter out? let me know if anyones heard of this happening.

It’s object interference and the umpire has to make the judgement call whether or not the runners would have been safe without the bat there. So if the runner was safe at home and at first without that happening then the ball is dead and the runners are safe.

ya so theres no way the batter shoulda automatically been called out right?

Umpire didn’t know his rules. Happens all the time.

ey pustulio???..invader zim?

Yeah :lol: