H.S Pitcher need help

Can you guys help me? Give me some advice on my tryouts in march. Thanks…

Advice? Good luck… Don’t be intimidated, treat it like a practice. The truth is that tryouts are meant to see what your makeup is and whether or not you can rise to the occasion or fall under pressure. What you should be mentally is determined, and prepared. Have a good meal, be hydrated and if something unprepared should happen, do not let it crush you or rattle you. I think a players makeup is more visible after a failure, rather than a success. So if you should make an error, or some other mistake, take it in stride and do not let it ruin your day.

Be the first in the dugout and the firstout the dugout. Start practicing on bunting and hitting the ball the other way. If your planning on going to college to paly the game you must be able to hit the other way. Get you tennos ball regardless of positiona nd throw it off a wall about 50 throws and feild it with your natural hand. This will develop soft hands. Swing a bat every otherday or everyday, but everyday can create bad habits if you are not concetrating on staying inside the ball.

If your school has any lifting or unofficial practices in the off season, be sure to attend those. Its never a bad thing to do extra so take extra swings, extra throwing, extra hustle. Be sure to relax when the try outs come around and know you are capable of doing anything they ask you to do. Have confidence in yourself but be humble too. Do everything with 110% effort!!!

Please go to College Pitching Instruction and then click on the topic “College pitching and what the coaches are looking for.”

You’ll get most, if not all, of your question answered.

Coach B.