Gyro Ball

Is the Gyro ball real or an illusion also why dont pitchers in the majors use it.
If you can explain to me it would be helpful thanks

Yes, the gyro ball is a real pitch. The concept was invented by a Japanese computer scientist and his ideas were later put into practice by a Japanese baseball coach.

When the concept made its way to the West, some of our illustrious sports writers created a mad frenzy to see who could make the biggest fool of himself in the shortest amount of time.

Physicist Alan Nathan has published the most detailed and accurate description of the gyro ball, but his scientific articles are heavy reading for most people.

The basic description of the gyro ball given by Wikipedia is essentially correct…it is thrown to give the ball a bullet-like spin. That is, unlike any other baseball pitch, the spin axis of the gyro ball is oriented in exactly the same direction as the ball’s flight path. Here is a link to an authentic gyro ball in slo-mo, with a ball marked so you can actually see the spin axis (look for the + mark on the front of the ball):

Unfortunately despite all the hype, hoo-ha, and misunderstanding, the reason no one throws a gyro ball on purpose is this: The bullet-like spin actually stabilizes the ball’s flight (like a bullet’s flight, get it?!)…gyro balls don’t have any deceptive movement whatsoever. If you don’t believe it, watch the video clip again–some people would call that pitch a “back-up slider” Others might call it a “gopher ball” or a “meat-ball” or a “homerun in the making”… No deception, no speed advantage…who would go to all the trouble to throw a pitch like that on purpose?

ok thank you because i was actually thinking of trying it out but after reading what you said it might be a good idea learning something else

The spin of the ball gives it the most true to form path of an object in motion. This means that it drops just a little more than a fastball, and to the batter, it looks like a slider to a certain extent.
Oh Magnus, you tricky little devil you.