Gym teacher

I decided I hate my Gym teacher. She says in season athletes get half conditioning instead of full conditioning but she says Baseball isn’t a real sport so I have full conditioning. I don’t mind the conditioning so much but that she doesn’t give baseball players credit for being athletes.

Wow. She’s a moron.

No she’s right, obviously someone like Alex Rios, A-Rod or Chone Figgins isn’t a real athlete.


The YES network was saying sometimes Arod comes to do sprints on the steps in the stadium before games.

But all in all forget what she says becuase it is good for you. I know she’s disrespecting you but just ignore it, do the conditioning it is good for you dude.

It’s not somuch the conditioning that bothers me though, it’s not that hard it’s just the fact that being the track equipment manager is considered more athletic than baseball.

Wow,thats hilarious.
I’m trying to think of my baseball team.
I play aaa and have been invited to jr a camps for hockey. Me and two others are dominant club volleyball players. Two great club basketball players. I came 5th in provincials in badminton. I think 6 of our players are all in the district record book in track, at the end of last season our starting middle infield and centerfielder outran the kid that dominated in cross country in a run.
What a joke teacher, she must be on crack. And in america too, i’d expect it in canada maybe, but not in the states.

I am in Wyoming though.

Smile and do the extra work… :smiley:
What the heck…It’ll help you and apparently you won’t change her mind one way or the other…
Welcome to life…dumb people clutter it up…but well…you can’t make em go away. Bring her a cookie. :wink:
You could shock her and bring her to the site and our Workout and Nutrition Forum and show her some stuff. Tell her you feel “compelled to educate” :shock: Shes inspired you to spread the good word… :wink:
Don’t be a hater man…change a life. 8)

Evanston High School has a large ball field just off W. Cheyenne Dr.

Somehow, I guess your gym teacher thought that all that land, work, and field conditioning was designed for football and basketball … two sports programs there.

However, sometimes people who have only been in Kansas need a twister to drop them in OZ… so they can see how the rest of us live. :wiseguy:

(Sorry about the t-ball crack…)

Coach B.

Well it was mainly put there so there would be a spot for the gym class to play slow pitch softball (as lame as that sounds), but the Legion team does use it. People just don’t love baseball as much as they should in Wyoming.

Yeah our field is pretty big compared to the other ones in Wyoming, we have a field by the HS and the Complex for little league and babe ruth.

We play at the HS one, it’s 330’ down the lines 365’ to the power alleys and 370’ to dead center.

still probably more centered on baseball than here.

Haha JD that is hilarious.

Thanks Bower, I like Pustulio, he’s all out there in the wilds of Wyoming…he needs us all. I was shocked that they even had a “Complex” for baseball out there…figured everything was rodeo…

Is Wyoming even in the US? :smiley: :smiley:

My HS fiel is huge 375 in left 445center and 415 in right

That just shows how ignorant (and apparently Verrrry STUPID) your gym teacher is. I wish i was there when she said it, I have heard people say it before and got on their back really fast, you should see how easy it is to embarrass those airheads.

You wouldn’t happen to live in Spanish Fork, Utah would you? They have a field about that size.