Gym final

Yesterday our gym class we had our final exam
we had to run across the gym 100Times in about ten min and we had to do 1oo pushups what should I do now, or after any workout that makes my muscles sore- not hurt, just sore snould I stretch them out or rest them completly Should I throw at all Hoover

…and some people wonder why certain communities want to drop PE.

There probably are a number of coaches who also are/were PE teachers that participate in this forum that could “speak” with greater expertise referent to your “final exam”, but, as common sense alone will tell you, when you’re exhausted/sore you (and your muscles) need to rest.

Unless your PE teacher is also the baseball coach, I wouldn’t worry too much about whether or not you should/shouldn’t do any throwing. Key “rule” that many coaches go by…Sore and throw ? Usually Ok, but with reason/limitation. Pain and throw? No way.

The problem here is recognizing the difference between soreness and pain. If your coach doesn’t have this ability, checking with the school trainer or a physical therapist becomes a necessity. As a young athlete, you really have to know the difference. Understandably, many coaches (particularly at the younger levels where it is most critical) don’t have strong backgrounds/education in physiology/biomechanics.

To me, a good coach would never be afraid to bring in or go to someone of greater authority when he’s unsure of or uncomfortable with the regimen he would like his players to follow. If your coach doesn’t have the proper education (and doesn’t provide some for you in the absence of his) and/or there is no trainer/therapist available to you, maybe you can check with your family doctor. If you don’t have one, hopefully the school nurse can point you in the proper direction. At least it would be a start. I know I may sound a little extreme, but it drives me nuts when persons in positions of authority abuse it/misuse it by not doing what they have the ability/potential to do…and - parapharasing a well-known phrase - “A kid’s arm is a terrible thing to waste.”

On a lighter note, I don’t know how many kids were in that gym class with you (most classes in the high I taught at had an average of 30 students), but watching your class complete 100 “trips” across the floor (within the alotted time frame) followed by another 100 push-ups, must have been quite a chaotic sight. One thing’s for sure…if this was the format for all the PE final exams in your school there must have been quite a “fragrance” (particularly if anyone got sick!) wafting from the area at the end of the day!