Gumbee cords


Has anyone bought and/or tried gumbee cords?
Do they work? And would you recommend others to get them?
For those who don’t know gumbee cords are cords that help stretch out different muscles that are used to throw. The company who sells them advertises them as cords that will help prevent injuries.


Wouldn’t hurt.
Same idea as J Bands with the wrist/ankle strap. Seems much tighter so used to stretch against I guess. Could just as easily use other bands you might already have by stretching them out.
If you wanna check them out buy them and give them a try.


Thera-band, too. They all do the same thing.

However, I’d personally suggest avoiding the tubing with the baseball attached to the end that you hold in your hand. You never want to grip a baseball super tight, yet that’s what you’ll end up doing if you get the one with the baseball on it to work it, so it reinforces an incorrect technique.