Guess who just turned 5?

… Let’s Talk Pitching!

Thanks to all for making this such an awesome site. For fun, here’s what LTP looked like when it launched in 2005:

And here’s 2006:

And here’s 2007:

And 2008:

Man, we’ve really come a long way! Almost 10,000 members and 100,000 posts later. :clapping:

On a side note, you may not have known (or even care), but in 2003 I launched a forum called Clubhouse Chat ( That site was a total flop, but the idea of creating a community for baseball players goes back a ways. :lol:

Happy Birthday,!

I’d kill for the domain name, Wish I had a time machine. Would make typing so much easier.

Of course,, and all take you here, too! I mostly use