Guess wat!

so im soo psyched cuz i had the kansas city royals pitching coach call me and wanted to see a vid of me. But i dont know wat to do. I play footbal right now so i cant get vid of me in a game and i dont want video of me in my backyard so where huld i do it? and wat angles should i takes vids from.

highly doubt they’ll do anything. watching your vids it doesn’t look like you throw hard at all. And what are you 15-16. If they contacted you at 15-16 then to my knowledge that goes against MLB rules.

EDIT: also why would they want vid of you. If they were interested enough they would come see you. also why would a pitching coach call you. Scouts do the scouting and contacting. Seems troll-ish to me :reallyconfused: :reallyconfused: :reallyconfused: :reallyconfused: :nono: :nono: :nono:

i know i dont throw hard lol im like jamie moyer. but i get a ton of mvement

Well so do I but the scouts aren’t calling yet!!!

if jamie moyer was in college right now i doubt he would get drafted on stuff wise

geez i donno??? sorry or trying to share my excitement… just wanted input

I know this whole elaborate story seems pretty far fetched to me.

so just delete the post stephen or someone else its pointless so just delete it…

swear its not…

your right it is pointless. I only way I’ll believe ya is when you sign and post a copy of your contract right here. :drunkard: :drunkard: :drunkard: :drunkard: :drunkard: :drunkard: :drunkard: :drunkard: :drunkard: :drunkard: :drunkard: :drunkard: :drunkard: stay out of the liquor cabinet, it will catch up to you trust me.

what was the guys named that called? where did he want you to send it to? i hope im wrong for you but it sounds like a prankcall joke.

i cant drink its against my relgion. i swear its true.

also to Forrman, you may remember awhile back you PM’d me asking for a mechanical analysis. Well you never thanked me. I spent a good part of my day helping you (being the nice helpful person I am) and you neglected to thank me. It takes 3 sec just to write it. I’m willing to help anyone in need as long as they thank me. Its common manners. Just felt like ranting. THANK YOU for your time.

I agree wit Kaz on the fishy ness of this. Why would the pitching coach out the entire organization filled with dozens of scouts contact you personally? Also, scouts generally look towards velocity rather then “moyer” stuff, but hey i could be wrong… :roll:

pretty much now all scouts/organizations care about it bigger/better/faster/stronger. There may never be a Moyer type guy in the bigs again

Probably the closest that will happen will be a Mussina-type thing. Flamethrower comes back as a control pitcher (and wins 20 games :smiley: ).

Also, not to squish on your dreams or anything but if you had said a KC scout wanted video maybe I believe you, but what a major league pitching coach deals with is helping his current major league pitchers.

Comeon Kaz and td, let’s be for real here.

Kaz, if he is trolling, your doing a darn good job of feeding him!

TD, what constitutes good stuff? Seems to me like you think it’s just fastball velocity. But isn’t good stuff also location and movement? Moyer seems to be well above average in those two areas. Seems to me his stuff is pretty darn good.

Forman, take a video at a field. Wear baseball pants, dress the part. Use a tripod, use different angles.

Thread over.

i never said he didnt have good stuff. i said he probably wouldnt get drafted based on his stuff because i didnt want people to think i was saying it because hes old. like it or not when you throw in the low 80s you probably are going to have problems getting drafted. scouts love the gun

I go to Cretin-Derham Hall in St. Paul, MN
(don’t know if all of you have heard of it)
but it is a school that is very good at sports
mostly Football, Hockey, and Baseball
and my brother plays on the baseball team
and he got a call from a pitching scout from the new york mets
and he came over to our house and said that he watches a lot of cretin-derham hall baseball games
and he worked with him and now hes got a good reputation haha
just shows to always play your hardest b/c you never know who is watching

Forrman, I wish you the best with your contacts and hope your experience with this MLB organization goes your way.

Your high school baseball coach should be brough into this as a sounding board and you should value his/her feedback on the situation. Besides, I’m sure he/she has been through this experience before and can help you and your family in many ways.

Again, I wish you the best sucess. Please keep us posted on your experience. It would be very helpful to a lot of youngster who may be going through the same thing some day.

Good Luck!!

Coach B.