Grunting when pitching?

I’ve seen this done by more and more MLB pitchers why do they do this?

To focus on breahting out when you pitch not holding your breath?

Our ace this year did it a lot.

i dont know, maybe just trying to get that extra ummph on the pitch. ya know?

Jake Peavy does it all the time I think it is to breath and max effort on every pitch. And somepeople don’t breathe enough when they are on the mound.

I do it to piss the batter off out of nowhere. I’ll throw my fastball and then a softer knuckler or my eephus and just let out a huge grunt so they think it’s another heater. It works too!

Definitely probably just to make sure your breathing right just like when you lift.

Yo, I’m gonna try it. For the breathing and the distraction. Worth a shot.

Don’t tennis players also grunt when they hit the ball? Maybe it gets your adrenaline going a bit.

I now think its a breathing thing because alot of athletes forget to breathe when they are playing.