Growth plate stress fracture

Hi All,
My son is 14 and was pitching threw 3 innings and 26 pitches after last pitch he had a sharp pain inside his elbow. I took him to a ortho doc who xrayed and examined him and said he sprained his growth plate and if he did a MRI most likely has a stress fracture. doc said no throwing for 3 weeks and then a reval, say’s everything will be ok and he’ll be able to pitch just a freak injury. any advice? he’s been dominate this year on his AAU team 30 innings given up 5 hits,18k, 0 runs. we’ve been very careful with his arm care. thanks again for any advice to prevent this again in the future.

Follow the doc and PTs advice and programs to the letter.

If indeed It was a “freak” injury then there is not much you can do to avoid it and chances are it shouldn’t happen again.

Have you asked the Doc about the chances of doing it again are?

Doc said to check his mechanics. he goes to a former mlb pro for lessons and he feels his mechanics are right on and doesn’t see any issues. doc thought he might have tried to throw a little harder with that one pitch. I don’t know son is very frustrated.

Injuries are part of the game, your son is going to have to learn that.

If you and son feel that you’re current instructor is heading you in the right direction then I wouldn’t worry about his mechanics. If you have doubts then you might want to get a second opinion.

Trying to over throw makes sense it could of lead to the injury.

First, I’m not a doctor. However, my son went through a stress fracture in his growth plate in his elbow. Doc said no pitching for 3 weeks. I shut him down the rest of the summer. Never had another issue with it. BE CAUTIOUS.