Grounders That Really Hurt!

Of all the plays that make me shake, wince and squint my eyes,
It’s that bouncing grounder right off the bat that makes me tear and cry.

Now no matter where I am, no matter what position I take,
that darn bouncing grounder, will find me in its wake!

I’ve played first base, and thought to myself – hey, what the heck.
No bouncing ground will find me here, and that’s a sure bet!
But darn it all, here it comes, screaming along the chalk,
then one bad hop and up it comes and nails me the mouth!

So I moved over one, and covered the second bag.
But wouldn’t ya know it, it followed me there,
this grounder I tried to shag!

But this time the ball took two hops, and I thought I had nailed,
bouncy, bouncy it did come, and again I get wailed!

So to short did I scoot, a step or two to boot,
But then again that little demon knocked out a tooth!

Next inning found me playing third, the hot spot I’ve been told.
Funny how right they were, for the darn thing knocked me cold.

Outfield for me boys, I’m heading for the space.
Just then a high fly ball got lost in the sun and it nailed me in the face.

Well, all the coaches agreed that the field was going to get me killed,
so perhaps a stint of clubhouse duty will fit the bill.
So while stacking up equipment and tidying up the place,
I notice a large shadow that loomed and went across my face.
The next thing I knew I was being carried off on a stretcher, down the dugout hall.

It seems that a large box came crashing down, full of brand new balls!

Coach B.

Nice stuff Coach B

Thats great Coach. Thanks