Ground Balls

Is it right, for me to get pulled after 24 pitches over 3 innings, because of errors in the field; also because my coach might believe that getting ground balls that stay in the infield is getting hit. Also I don’t get any chance to work out of a jam, I think it might be because my coach may have a prejudice against me not throwing a curveball. Anyways, do you think I should go and talk to my coach about this.

If it’s bothering you that much, then talk to your coach. But don’t go in with the attitude that you’re right and he’s wrong. Keep an open mind and ask questions instead of making statements. Tell him you thought you were doing well when you were pulled and ask if there’s something you should have or could have done better. He may have recognized something that you are not aware of with your mechanics or how well he thought the other team was starting to zone in on your pitches. Maybe he wanted to save you for another game? Who knows. There are lots of things that go through a coach’s mind during a game. Stay open to his suggestions. Remember who is the coach and who is the player.

You are right, I had forgotten that he does know me and how i pitch, but I am going to talk to him tomorrow, thanks for the reminder Roger.

I am scared to death about letting my infield get some action. I was a ground ball pitcher before I joined my team.

We usually fair pretty well with them, its just that our first basemen is a little over confident and thinks that he will be able to scoop everything and anything. So that is like our only shady area.