Ground Ball Pitches

What is a good pitch you can throw low and the zone and get an easy groundball out?

I throw in the low 80s and im considered a groundball pitcher because 90% of my fastballs are 2-seam. If you want to keep the ball low and get a ground ball, i highly recomend a 2-seam fastball.

Thank you, anyone else?

I suggest the sinker, great little pitch, very under publicized. Works like a charm, it’s a variant of the fastball and with a little practise it can be thrown in a realatively short time (Unlike most breaking pitches which have to be developed). Watch Maddox or Carlos Zambrano, the pitch that starts over the plate anfd then dives inside and down to the right-handed hitter is usually the sinker…not always because a good change will work that way also…the difference is the sinker has fastball velocity. Your infield will love you cause they won’t be standing around watching you strike everyone out anymore. :lol:

A sinker is the 2-seamer correct?


It doesn’t actually actively sink (e.g. due to topspin). It just sinks more than does a 4-seamer.

I’d call it a modified 2 seamer, the grips I’ve been shown aren’t exactly fingers on the seams, and instead of behind the ball the fingers/ hand are off center left for the righty.

jd, what you’re describing sounds more like the grip for the slider. When Ed Lopat was showing me how to throw the slider, he used a very off-center grip with the index and middle fingers very close together and the middle finger just touching one seam. I used that grip for several other pitches as well.

All of those pitches are good groundball pitches but don’t forget the change-up. Very good change of speed making guys weight shift and top the ball. Just be careful sometimes makes for really slow groundballs that guys can beat out if they get a good jump out of the box and your infielders aren’t on their toes.

Totally agree re: change up. Especially if you get good, downward movement to the throwing-hand side of the plate the change up is a GREAT ground ball pitch.

This is a pretty old thread…but still a timely subject.

I like the split-finger fastball for ground balls–functionally, a good splitter is a sinking change-up.

well if your a little league pitcher throw a two seamer. if you are looking to actually become a full groundout pitcher learn how to throw a sinker your main pitch. put your index and mid on the horshoe seam and pronate ur arm the opposite way. apply pressure with your middle finger on ur two seam for more sinking action