I pitched for the first time this year off a mound… I’ve been throwing all winter in my basement… I have to say, thanks to reading this forum and improving my mechanics - my arm felt great… Only problem is, I ended up tweaking my groin… I didn’t do it while pitching off the mound, but as I was pitching batting practice to teamates… I think the problem was, I was still focusing on staying sideways to the target, but I wasn’t turning my foot over, like I would if I was pitching…

This is the first I’ve done anything to my groin, this was on Wed. I can walk fine, but I went to a softball practice and went to run for a ball, and didn’t feel great…

I was wondering if anyone has injured their groin before? I’m guessing I strained it?? How long to recover? What should I do to recover? Continue to stretch everyday? Ice/Heat? I’m guessing I should stay away from pitching for a week or two… perfect timing - season starts next Sunday…


I pulled my groin before though mine was very mild. First i would stretch several times a day, when you wake up, before you go to bed and definitely before and after practice or any type of workout you do. Other than that i would go to a trainer at your school or wherever you can find one and ask them to give you some things to do. Heat is to loosen the muscle IE before a workout and ice is usually for after workouts. Hope this will get you started.

alanshadow22, thank you very much for the response… I believe my groin is mild too - at least I hope so… Thanks for the info, I have been strecthing - I’ll try to add in some more… been doing the heating pad too, I missed the first 48 hrs of icing. sucks getting old.

About how long did it keep you out? Or were you able to play through it?


Within a week I was pitching again i dont think I missed any starts, you should be fine.

That’s good to hear!! I’m a reliever on our 25+ team, so I may take this Sunday off just to make sure…

Thanks for your input alanshadow22!