Groin injury

What does a pulled groin feel like? I don’t know when i did it, but my groin started hurting. It hurts to make quick movements, it also hurts when i jog. i’ve been stretching it a lot, but is there anything else i can do?

Depending on when it happened stretching it may not be the best thing. My general rull of thumb is to follow R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) for the first week or two after the initial injury to allow it to heal some, then slowly start to stretch is out.

As for what it feels like you pretty much got it. It is the inner thigh and it is just an annoying pain, not extremely painful but pretty annoying anyways.

Alright, i think i did it in football, and it is starting to feel better. Once it’s warmed up, it doesn’t bother me much.