Gripping your Curve?

Well, it seems everbody has their own way of gripping a Curve. The ways i have seen online and from other people is actually the way i grip my slider, which is why i guess its more of a slurve. But my curve is my best pitch. I was wondering how you guys grip yours.

For me: I take the ball and take a twoseam grip. Move my fingers to the right side on the right seam, at the end of the horseshoe, with my ring finger beint the one on the seam. and then do the normal cuve action. sorry if that was hard to follow.

I hold like two seam, move fingers down and to the left

Experiment with thumb placement, for example ,take same finger grip but flex the thumb so from the knuckle to the base of the thumbnail is on a bottom seam. You might experience greater rotation from the extra flick.

i hold the ball like a 4 seam but with the horseshoe [round part] facing in [left
for a righty]

then rotate it 90 degrees so the horseshoe that is facing inwards is facing the palm of your hand.

then i put my index and middle fingers together and place the right seam [outside seam] inbetween your middle and index finger. then put my thumb on the opposite seam.

then throwand let it sorta slide off your index finger

i take the horseshoe seam facing away from me and put my index and middle fingers together allong the right seam with my middle finger pressed agaisnt the inside of the seam

i throw a knuckle curve wit the index finger nail like dug into the ball but not deep… i cant throw a regular curve … just no control :twisted: