Griping and Locating my changeup

For a couple years now I have been experimenting with a couple different ways to throw a changeup and all the ways I have tried have gave me a good different of speed. The only problem with the grips were that I was having trouble controling it and spotting it. Therefore opposing teams were hitting it all over the place. If anyone has any suggestion about throwing a changeup better I would greatly apperciate it. Thanks.

Well what is the way you throw it?
If it’s getting regularly hit it likely is up…up is not where you want a change, up and over the plate is an invitation to get a stiff neck from watching it go past you and out over a fence.

If you are looking at the seams of a two seam fastball, I put my middle finger and my ringfinger on them and then I choke the ball.

Same problem here, but for me, it doesn’t go into the easy parts of the K-Zone… It goes to the point of hitting the batter (sometimes even worse!)

How do I get this under control?!

How do you hold your changeup.