Greg Maddux and pitching grips

Just wondering what did Greg Maddux threw. I knew he threw a two seam and a changeup. If someone can be nice enough to get a picture of the pitches he throw and maybe a video of the pitch in action would be nice. I’m a pitcher with some control issues that I’ve finally fixed and want to get some movement. Throwing 4 seam two seam that sinks in curve which rises for a little before dropping, cutter that goes in a little and changeup that falls. I might try the split change which I heard Tim lincecum and Roy halladay uses. Can someone also explain or show the grip, pitch in action. I would really appreciated it. Seems like this pitch is new. Thanks again.

There are a bunch of great photo’s in the Articles section, just go in there and pick out what you are looking for.

That was very helpful in the pitching but all I can find is greg maddux throwing and not his pitch types and movements. I really want Greg Maddux or Roy halladay. People that don’t need 95 mph people to get out s. Only control and movement got them through innings. Also What did Greg Maddux threw. What he only threw? Maybe I missed an article and if so can you give me the link?

What Greg threw was a 2 seamer, he cut it and used it as a sinker, he also used his change-up to produce the same action his sinker did with more dive. I saw him throw one traditional curve in the entire 22 years I watched him throw (No I did not see every game but I saw nearly every televised Cub and Brave game with him on the mound) the hook he threw was as a Dodger and he threw it to Barry Bonds in what I would consider an unhittable spot. He did not throw a slider regularly either. He changed speeds and located. I saw him throw low 90’s even as a Padre but only for a couple of pitches per outing.

He said in this video that his “plan” was to make a quality pitch each time he threw…I consider him a success at that :wink:

I saw that video and it made me like him more. That’s what my dad said. He said I needed control and I was trying to figure out how to do it. I showed him greg maddux and said I needed to be like that in terms of control. Now I know it’s impossible but I decided to take mental notes of when I’m pitching. Sometimes I release too early or the glove flies open and I throw high. I took note and now I’m throwing with control with some velocity. I also took. But I remember on chris o leary page he had mechanics involving greg maddux and his pitches. But now it’s gone and like to know. But it’s good to know what he threw.

It is good to be able to self fix, but use your pens to create a repeatable mech that you won’t have to “fix” during your game…that way you can focus on the point at hand…getting that donkey in front of you out!
There is really not a whole lot of Greg vid out there, search youtube on his name.
What I like to impress on guys I train is his approach, Greg was prepared, both physically and he knew who he was up against, remembered past outcomes against batters and worked his strength against their weakness. You hear almost every time some pitcher that knows him is interviewed, he knows by the body language of the hitter and results he’s seen in the past how he has to attack a given hitter, he amazes people to this day by telling them the outcome of an impending pitch sequence (Search on my name here on LTP, I’ve posted interviews from Cubs prospects talking about it)…and then it happens. He really has one of the greatest competitive baseball minds ever.

Well I know it’s hard to find pictures of greg maddux. But in terms of pitching mechanics I pitch like maddux. I mimic his movements as I rather have control then velocity but I end in a low 3/4 slot compare to maddux’s high 3/4. I have yet to pitch for a baseball team in my school as I rather teach myself to pitch and learn instead of coming in as a rookie and looking pathetic. However I did talk with the coaches there and they like my knowledge with baseball.

But thanks for the knowledge. It’s getting cold in here and it’s pissing me off as it’s going to be hard to throw in the cold. But when I can I’ll show a video of me throwing with my mechanics and the pitches I throw. I had a video that was deleted but I saw the sinker I threw. As soon as it left my hand it just went down and in. It surprised me.