Greetz from Germany

Hey guys,

I recently found this site while I was looking for videos of MLB pitchers and their mechanics.

As for me, I’m 18 and I’ve been a pitcher for 3 years, going into my fourth right now. I’ve always had control problems, but stuff has extremely improved. This year I completely revamped my mechanics and so far it looks like the command of my pitches has improved largely, but I am still looking for more flaws in my mechanics.
Other than being a pitcher I’m also a Shortstop, but I take more pride in my defense as I do in my offensive outcome.
I play in the highest league overall in Germany and am looking to go to college in the states.

I hope my English skills aren’t too bad, I also hope to have a couple of interesting conversations about the greatest sport on face of the earth :slight_smile:


Good to have you…good luck. Do you have any video to show us?

Welcome looking forward to seeing you around here

Are you looking to try and play Baseball at the Collegiate level as well?

He was one, check the mechanics thread

At first, thanks for the welcome, I appreciate it.

Acutally, concerning college baseball, a funny thing happened last night. My old coach (not the coach of my team anymore) who is also a professional scout and has helped me looking for a college to play ball for, called me last night and told me that he has found a college for me, so I’m pumped right now.

Awesome stuff glad to hear it


Your English skills are fine.