Greetings from The Netherlands

Hello Everyone,

My name is Raymond. I am from The Netherlands. I join this forum to see how I can improve my son’s pitching performance. Recently I’ve ordered one of Steven Ellis’ books; The Pitching Manual.
I’ve played baseball myself and also as a pitcher. Due to a knee injury I had to stop. That was over twenty years ago and I turned my back to the game, went on with my life and never looked back.
Since three years Baseball is back in my life. My oldest son (9) was very enthusiastic about baseball without knowing I played the game. When he started playing I told him about my “Baseball Career” and then he was even more excited. My other son (6) also plays and he wants to become a catcher. He started when he was 4, I was the coach and needed a player, he sat on the bench with his glove and I put him in. Since then he’s hooked.

I apologize if my English is not good, but I’ll try to do my best.

Talk to you soon.


Hello, Ray good to have another person on the forums. by the way good choice on The Pitching Manual its a great book. hope ur son enjoys it. and welcome to the forums

Great to have you Ray! (Kind of reminds me of the movie to field of dreams!)
Come and post on here often, be a part of the discussions and feel free to ask any questions about baseball here!

Welcome! It’s always great to have people from other countries participate because it often exposes us to new perspectives.

It’s great that your kids have developed an interest in baseball and that your having played will give you something to do with your kids for years to come.

And your English is pretty good!

Welcome to the Let’s Talk Pitching forum!
Glad to have you with us.

Great to have you, really cool to have baseball expand all over the world