Greetings from Sweden!

Hello there, I stumbled upon this site by accident when i started to look more into pitching.

So far I’ve read some posts, but I’m still quite clueless as to how to approach this.

I haven’t been playing baseball for very long, about 2-3 months or so and so far I’ve mostly been playing RF and CF, some SS but not much. I have the batting technique down to some extent, but now i want to widen my views with some pitching, my local club needs a new pitcher at the moment, and here in sweden there aren’t that many players in baseball.

So now i wanna pick up pitching, I’ve watched some free youtube videos and read some and i can currently feel that i have huge flaws in my technique, (by the way im 19 yrs old) I can currently throw a decent fastball, changeup and 2 seamer, currently working on getting a good breaker, but i don’t know what to pick up.

Now i wanna ask you guys what i should do next? I feel that i could use some book/instructional video from this site/other sites and wonder what you would recommend for a new pitcher. Also what equipment should i get? I been thinking about getting one of those pitcher walls with a strikezone or should i rather spend some cash on getting catcher equipment for my friend so he can catch for me?

Any tips or help is greatly appreciated!


I would recommend checking out the books and videos from the NPA. Look][u]here[/u

The book, “The Art and Science of Pitching” covers mechanics. The book, “Fastball Fitness” focuses on conditioning but also includes an excellent discussion on how different parts of the body contribute to velocity.

If you prefer videos, start with the “Pitching Mechanics” and “Performance Drills” videos.

Welcome to the Fellowship of the Bump!
I think you should invest in some good catcher’s equipment and get your friend to catch for you. There’s nothing like good live feedback from the guy behind the plate. And as far as expanding your repertoire is concerned, one thing you absolutely have to have is a good changeup. Babe Ruth—and he was no slouch on the mound—once said that a good changeup will cause batters more grief than anything else. And there are plenty to choose from—my own personal recommendation is the palm ball, which was the first changeup I acquired, and a very good one it is.
Again, glad to have you with us. 8)

I ordered both the fastball book and the videos from NPA, So now i guess i have to wait the 2 weeks it takes for it to get delivered to Sweden :frowning:

@ Zito What changeup should i go for? One of my teammates said i shouldnt get the straight change because its too easy to hit according to him, he said a palmball or circle change or similiar would be better.

Whats your opinion?

My wise and wonderful pitching coach of way back when—he was an active major-league pitcher—once told me that just about any pitch can be turned into a nice changeup, and he demonstrated a few such for me. The important thing to remember is that you have to throw every pitch with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as for the fastball; you let the batter think you’re going to throw one pitch and then come in there with another one.
Your teammate mentioned two very good ones, the palm ball (my first changeup) and the circle change—and I see no reason why you couldn’t work on both of them I’d start with the palm ball, simply because it’s easier to work with; for this pitch you grip the ball with all four fingers on top of the ball and the thumb underneath for support, well back in the palm of the hand (hence the name)—but don’t grip the ball too tightly, because you don’t want to squeeze the juice out of it! You can throw it like a fast ball, or (as I did, since I didn’t have a fast ball) like a curve. As for the circle change: you have the thumb and index finger on one side of the ball, forming a circle or “OK” sign, and the other three fingers on top of the ball—or the middle and ring finger on top of the ball and the pinky on the other side, take your pick. If your hand isn’t quite large enough to form the complete circle, you can use a backwards “c” with the thumb and index finger—some pitchers find this easier to use. Also, you can move those other fingers closer together and more off-center.
The “straight change”—well, that’s a matter of opinion. Some major league pitchers have been very successful with it, usually because the batters don’t expect it—but if you’re playing in a league where the batters are always looking for something like that, better not to use it.
Anyhoo, that’s a start, and if you have any more questions, I’m here. Again, welcome! 8) :baseballpitcher:

@ Roger
I couldnt order from NPA because they cant ship to Sweden apparantly, it becomes too costly with the shipping.

Now i was thinking, do you have any other good ideas for what to order for a complete beginner pitcher? I was thinking something from this site maybe?

Thinking about trying this out

Well that stinks.

I think some of the NPA books are available through Maybe you could get shipping that way?

Another option might be to take the NPA’s online pitching mechanics course. It’s relatively inexpensive but I don’t know what the payment options are for folks in other countries.