Greeting from Penn State

I have posted several times already but not really introduced myself. I am Chris, and am a sophomore at PSU. I am 23, and never really played baseball in my youth. But I have always been a baseball fan and now that I’m (finally) at college I’d figured I’d give it a go before I got too much older haha. I enjoy playing all positions to be honest, but pitching just has a special calling to me. I love watching pitchers that can make the ball do magic tricks and confound hitters. I have friends that have played all their lives and they are helping me out as well. I love this site so far, the articles have been very informative and the community on the forums seems very enthusiastic. (Zita has been both educational and entertaining) Hope to learn a lot here.

My Best,


Welcome Chris!!!


Welcome to the Fellowship of the Bump, as I like to call this aggregation of pitchers, pitching coaches et al. You’re sure to find a lot of information, advice, what have you, on this site, and there’s a whole bunch of us ready and willing to offer same. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Hill!

Welcome to LTP!
Glad to have you!

Hope you learns lots!