Can anyone give me information on these pills that are ever so popular to the major and minor leagues, also are they available to college players?

no idea, i google’d it and nothing but dog food came up

They’re amphetamines. Come in pop-packages like Dentyne Ice gum, but in small green pills. Like an “amped-up” caffeine pill, Xenedrine pill or Ripped Fuel pill. They’re usually purchased in Mexico or the Dominican Republic and smuggled into the states (or sent by mail). Not expensive. Definitely not safe. And 100% illegal.

Most guys that used them on the professional teams I played on got them from Mexico during Spring Training (remember, the Chicago Cubs are out in Mesa, Ariz., a four-hour drive to the border) or from Latin American teammates (it’s legal in Latin American countries).

Typically taken 1 to 2 hours before a game with water, Gatorade or a cup of coffee. (Most clubhouses have coffee machines running all night long in the clubhouse.)

The problem – and safety concern – is 1) they’re illegal in the U.S. (Class A felony) and illegal in baseball, 2) they speed the heart rate up, like ephedrine, but most players then require something to slow the heart down after the game or they can’t sleep that night, which, of course, is really dangerous, and 3) because it comes from Mexico or Latin America, you never really know what the heck is in the pills anyways.

A common comment from players that use greenies is that it helps them overcome the “grind” of playing every day. And that it helps them get “up” for performance. I strongly encourage you to re-think the whole greenie-thing. It’s illegal both in and out of baseball and not needed at all.


I’d never take anything that would harm my body or be an illegal substance of any kind. (Just to clairfy)

I was just curious as to what they are, cause you hear about them at the minor and mlb level, but you never hear of them at all in college.

I just wanted to find out what the deal was with them.