Greatest Pitcher of All Time

Who do you think is the greatest pitcher of all time? I’m gonna say Nolan Ryan. Great heat, great mechanics, overpowered hitters.

Deadball era: Cy Young, threw every other day won more games then anyone else will ever. His durability is the stuff of legend.

live ball era: Maddux; Control, Movement, competiveness, and intensity. What more could you want? The complete package, All he did was win ball games.

Yeah, how many complete games did Cy Young have?

I’d imagine Cy had quite a few, in those days you threw 9 innings unless you suddenly got shot in the middle of an inning.

It’s too hard to say who the best pitcher of all time was because so many of them were good and there’s such an abundance of them.

Some people would say Walter Johnson or Pedro. Some will tell you Sandy Koufax or Don Drysdale. I’ve heard people say Clemens and Sutter. You just can’t put a finger on who the best pitcher ever was.

You know youre good when you ARE the best pitcher award

You’ve got a point.

If ya’ll get the MLB channel WOW!!! Today they are playing a run of All-Star games…right now it’s Marchall against Jim Palmer, Vida Blue went up against Doc (I can throw a no-no trippin on acid) Ellis…beats watchin Green Bay kick the Dookie out of Detroit or the Tony (boring) Romo boys beat up on the Raiders.

Gaylord Perry…Tom Seaver, Mel Stottlemeyer, Al Downing, Catfish Hunter…if you ain’t seen em nows your chance.

I think Maddux is the best ever for several reasons.
I guess I’d charactorize it like this, he did the very most with “normal” human stuff. Winning I think 2nd or third most in the NL ever, 300+ wins, one of the lowest walk ratio’s ever, 3000+ k’s, 19 Gold Gloves, WS ring.
He makes it so reachable for a non freak. He shows that you don’t have to have that 100 mph golden arm or the Carelton slider or gimmicks, he just studied the enemy and worked to make his control as perfect as could humanly be acheived. To me that constitutes the best pitcher.
If you ask who has the best arm or stuff I’d likely have a different answer.

I love the MLB network!

We make comparisons like this with who we know based on the sports writer’s page, endless reams of statistics, and the actual witness of men that claim said same.

Unfortunately, we can never really say the list is complete, fair, balanced or even close to being reasonable. Our overall comments and thoughts on the subject has been deliberately distorted by the omission of some of the greatest men to have played our game.

The Negro League kept little if any statistics, and its fan based was separate and deliberately omitted from even the simplest avenues of acceptance.

I was privileged and honored to meet a limited number of these gentlemen and their families during my travels, and their pride and accomplishments under the most belligerent conditions imaginable is a true testament to the measure of a man. Additionally, they did remarkable things for baseball and all of us in turn.

When we think of these men - if at all, the names found among the greats in the Majors, are those that made it to the Majors from the Negro League.

I remember hearing names - names no one else remembers, names who in their own right - were great among greats.

I sincerely doubt that the names that we most remember from the Majors would have faired as well as they did, if part of their tenure in the game included the conditions that their counterparts had to endure. Kind of makes one think.

In any event, those men most remembered and spoken about here, did justice to their record(s), their titles, and the legacy that all others were - have, strive to emulate.

Coach B.

Obviously I’m partial to Bob Feller because he sacrificed his prime to serve in WWII and still is in the HOF.

This was the first coach for Dinoson’s college team years ago and he still shows up on occasions like the alumni game.

I still don’t have the MLB Network…that’s coming soon JD!

Best Pitcher Ever Not In the HOF: Bert Blyleven

Coach B,

Those are some awesome insights that most of us don’t have a clue about. Thanks for sharing that!

Coach B
Thank you for putting everything into perspective. I’ve only heard or read small bits of info about the Negro Leaque but I do feel unfortunate to not have had the opportunity to see the talent there. I agree wholeheartedly with your question about how today’s “greats” would perform under similar conditions.

Great post!!

Bob Gibson

Yeah I’m gonna put him 2nd just because of his toughness. Pitching with a broken leg? Now that’s a GAMER.

I’m a huge Dodger fan so this may be a little bias but I’m gonna have to say Koufax. I know he didn’t have the lengthy consistent career that some of these other guys had but for the five/six years at his zenith, there was none better. Maybe as good, but not better.

I hope in twenty or thirty years we’ll be having this same discussion about Kershaw but that’s a different topic for a different day.

I think in 30 years we will have this conversation about Lincecum, not Kershaw.

I fully agree that Lincecum will be in the conversation about greatest pitchers of all time years from now. However, I urge you to look deep into Kershaw’s numbers from '09. He just needs to keep his walks down. Remember he’s only 21 and just starting to mix in secondary pitches. He’s right on the edge of being a dominant power lefty who uses every inch of the strike zone. If you just listen to what the MLB network guys talk about regarding Kershaw I think it can be deceiving. You really have to take alot into consideration like how few HR he gave up, his K/9, the fact that he had the lowest batting ave against in baseball and things like that. Don’t get me wrong, I love MLB network but one really needs to go deep into the numbers to see just how great Kershaw will be in a few years.

Being a huge St Louis fan it would be blasphemy for me not to say Bob Gibson of course I’m a big Nolan Ryan fan so I could argue for him, probably the best argument in my opinion for Nolan is he was dominant for a long period of time. I don’t know if you can say “best” because so many great pitchers had their strengths and weaknesses none of them were perfect.

A lot of them got pretty damn close to being perfect! I agree, I’d say Nolan Ryan or Bob Gibson.

After reading Coach B.'s post I thought, why hasn’t Satchel Paige’s name been thrown into the conversation?

Satchel was pitching shutout innings in the MLB at the age of 50. I know there’s no evidence to support the claim but there’s no evidence to discredit him either.